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Üdvözöljük a Ligmincha Learning weboldalán! Itt a tibeti Bön hagyomány bölcsességéből merített online kurzusokat kínálunk. Minden meditációs tanfolyamot Tenzin Wangyal Rinpocse hoz létre, és lámáink és oktatóink támogatják. Mindannyian keményen dolgoznak azért, hogy a résztvevők tisztán és hitelesen megtapasztalhassák a tibeti tanítások mélységét a meditációról és a spirituális gyakorlatról. Tanfolyamaink gyönyörű tanításfelvételekből, meditációkból állnak, tanári útmutatásokkal és olvasmánylistákkal. Emellett naplót vezetnek, és lehetőséget biztosítanak arra, hogy a világ minden tájáról tapasztalt mentorokkal és más gyakorló szakemberekkel kapcsolatot teremtsenek.


Ingyenes tanfolyamok

5 Elements
A gyakorlás megkezdése

Állandóan nyitva, a saját tempójában dolgozik

Ezek az ingyenes, önmegtartóztató tanfolyamok olyan emberek számára készültek, akik szeretnének elkezdeni napi szinten meditálni. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpocse, a Ligmincha International alapítója és vezető tanára olyan egyszerű gyakorlatokra ad útmutatást, amelyeket bárki egyedül is elvégezhet, többek között: csend és tágasság meditáció, a Kilenc tisztító légzés, a Tsa Lung gyakorlatok, a Három Kapu gyakorlat és a Guru jóga. A tanfolyamok elvégzése után rendelkezni fogsz a szükséges készségekkel egy egyszerű napi meditációs gyakorlathoz, amely életed számos dimenzióját javíthatja.


5 Elements
Rozpoczynanie praktyki medytacyjnej

Otwarty cały czas, pracujesz we własnym tempie
Te darmowe, samodzielne kursy są przeznaczone dla osób, które chciałyby zacząć medytować na co dzień. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpocze, założyciel i główny nauczyciel Ligmincha International, przedstawia instrukcje dotyczące prostych praktyk, które każdy może wykonywać samodzielnie, w tym: medytacji nad nieporuszonością i przestrzennością, Dziewięciu Oczyszczających Oddechów, Ćwiczeń Tsa Lung, Praktyki Trzech Bram i Guru Jogi. Po ukończeniu tych kursów będziesz miał umiejętności potrzebne do prostej codziennej praktyki medytacyjnej, która może poprawić wiele wymiarów twojego życia.

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English Courses

Sleep Khandro

Sleep Yoga: The Yoga of Clear Light

July 8 – August 6, 2022

We spend one-third of our life in sleep, yet for most people sleep is a period of unconsciousness. Through the practices of the Yoga of Clear Light we can learn to be completely aware during out sleep, open, clear, resting in deep meditative presence. But how do we get from our current stress and disrupted sleep patterns to the state of clear light?
The course will introduce simple techniques to enter into sleep in a healthy, balanced way. Even if we do not consistently enter into clear light sleep, we can benefit from a refreshing, relaxed sleep that gives us deep renewal. This is supported by breathing techniques, physical postures and guided visualizations. Tenzin Rinpoche will also provide a meditations to wake up in a beautiful way, feeling the blessings of sleep and stepping into our day with serenity. Through these simple practices we can transform our sleep to be one of tranquility and awareness.

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Transforming our Emotions Through the Six Lokas

September 2 – October 23, 2022
At one time or another each of us suffer strong emotions that throw us off balance, cause us to act in ways that we later regret, and make us lose touch with our true nature. Centuries ago the masters of the Bön lineage developed the meditations of the Six Lokas specifically to remedy this situation, to help us live our lives in a balanced and relaxed way.

The meditations focus on the root causes of our suffering: anger, desire, greed, ignorance, jealousy, pride and laziness. Through each meditation we examine our habitual patterns so that we may recognize them, then through the enlightened energy of the Buddhas to purify and transform us so that we and all other beings might not continue to suffer in this way. The practices have a deep healing and transformative power, and are traditionally practiced at length as a preliminary to dzogchen contemplation.

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Tonpa Shenrab
Treasures of Bön History, Lineage & Practices

September 16 – October 22, 2022
Bön counts itself among the oldest spiritual traditions in the world. With origins steeped in an oral, shamanic tradition and yet deeply rooted in teachings of the buddha Tonpa Shenrap, the buddha who preceded Shakyamuni Buddha. Bön offers practices for the challenges we face in our lives, and a complete path to enlightenment.

This course is ideal for anyone who would like to gain a clear understanding of their path through the many beautiful practices of our ancient lineage. This course is ideal for beginners who have recently connected with Bön teachings, and want to know more about where it comes from and the many varied forms of practice in the tradition. It is also well suited for practitioners who have learned several practices and would like to know how all the practices fit together into a beautiful and complete system of philosophies and meditations.

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The Three Heart Mantras

October 7 – November 12, 2022
The Three Heart Mantras are used in many different meditations in the Bön tradition, and play a major role in the ngrondro practices. They are said to be the essence of enlightenment in sound and energy, and as we sing or chant the mantras our awareness is transformed to be in union with the Buddhas. They are used for purification, protection, and as primary practices toward self realization.

This course will be complemented by full moon practices in which our worldwide sangha will recite these profound mantras together.

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5 Elements

The Five Elements, Healing with Form Energy and Light

October 21 – December 3, 2022

In this course Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche explores how each of the five elements relates to our daily experiences, emotions, and relationships. Rinpoche guides meditations for each of the elements, designed to help clear our obstacles and bring balance to our lives. Each section of the course includes a video of Rinpoche’s teaching, Rinpoche leading a guided meditation, readings from Healing with Form, Energy and Light, and assignments for journal writing, discussion, formal and informal practice. The course is designed so that you may integrate study and practice into your everyday routine, learning at your own pace, yet enjoying the support of classmates and the course mentor.

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Sherab Chamma

Sherap Chamma Mother of Wisdom and Love

November 18 – December 3, 2022
Ligmincha Learning is pleased to announce that we will be offering our course introducing the practices of Sherap Chamma the Mother of Wisdom and Love, taught by Marcy Vaughn .

In many cultures the primordial female energy is seen as the origin of existence and the source of all positive qualities. Sherap Chamma, Mother of Wisdom and Love, is the source of wisdom, and her medicine is love and compassion. The teachings of Sherap Chamma comprise one of the most important tantric cycles of the ancient Bön tradition.

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a Voice of Clear Light

Iratkozzon fel kéthavonta megjelenő nemzetközi hírlevelünkre, hogy értesüljön a közelgő tanfolyamokról és az új tanfolyamokról, valamint a központjaink és tanáraink híreiről a világ minden tájáról.

Free English Courses

We offer a variety of free self-paced courses that are open at all times. We recommend our Starting a Meditation Practice courses for everyone with an interest in meditation. Many of our free courses are based upon free live webcasts, which have been recorded and edited to create courses. Our paid courses are more carefully designed and produced and are guided by a mentor.

Starting a Meditation Practice

Free – Enroll at any time

This free, self-paced course is designed for people who would like to begin meditating on a daily basis. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, the founder and principle teacher of Ligmincha International, provides instruction for simple practices that anyone can do on their own including: a meditation on stillness and spaciousness, the Nine Breathings of Purification, Calm Abiding, and the Tsa Lung exercises. After completing this course you will have the skills you need for a simple daily meditation practice that can improve many dimensions of your life.

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The True Source of Healing

Free – Enroll at any time

The practices of Soul Retrieval can help you tap into the ultimate source of healing. They can help you to:

  • Avoid losing your vitality when faced with difficult life challenges.
  • Revitalize your personal life, family life and professional life.
  • Recognize powerful internal and external sources of healing.
  • Experience healing on all levels—physically, energetically, psychologically and spiritually.
  • Come home to your inherently joyful and creative nature.
  • Bring increased happiness and well-being to others.
  • Progress on the path to higher liberation.

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Living with Joy, Dying in Peace

Free – Enroll at any time

The more attached we are to our loved ones, our possessions, and our sense of identity, the more we suffer. Realizing this truth frees us to find joy in each simple moment of life, and peace at the moment of death. According to the Tibetan spiritual traditions, living and dying are part of a sacred continuum. Death need not be considered a failure, negative, or even a loss; rather, it is a transition toward a new beginning.

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Transforming Your World Through Service

Free – Enroll at any time

Serving others is fundamental to our personal spiritual development. Our commitment to making a difference for others and the world can fill our life with love and joy, but requires a strong foundation of wisdom and compassion. This course will help you become as effective as possible in your service to others.

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Free and ongoing

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche has launched CyberSangha as a way for you to connect with him, the ancient Tibetan teachings, and fellow students around the world through regular live broadcasts that can be easily viewed on Rinpoche’s Facebook page. All broadcasts are free and open to all—you don’t need a Facebook account to view them. Click to learn more about CyberSangha, view the current schedule of upcoming broadcasts, and access a searchable archive of hundreds of recorded teachings and guided meditations.

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