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Registering for our courses is simple and easy, and involves two steps. First, create your account and password. Second, click on the course to enroll, and if a fee based course, pay through Stripe. This method allows you to pay with all major credit cards from around the world. Free courses do not require any payment. Below is a detailed description of the process. You might want to print these instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: When do I have to login to join the teachings and practices?

Anytime! You work entirely on your own schedule. Since we have learners from all around the world, it is not feasible to ask people to all connect at the same time. All the teachings and practices are recorded, and you may enjoy them whenever you like, as many times as you like. Some courses have live sessions, and the schedule will be provided for those within the class. All live sessions are recorded and posted within the course.

I will be away part of the time during the course. Can I have a little extra time?

Yes! All course materials are available for four weeks after the official end of the class. For example, if a class is scheduled for June 1 to July 1, enrolled learners will have access to all materials until August 1. The course mentor will answer questions until the end of this class, in this example, until July 1.

Given my financial situation, I cannot afford the full cost of a course. Is financial aid available?

Yes! We do offer reduced rates for people with financial challenges. Please use the Contact form to describe your situation, the course you would like to take, and how much you would be able to pay.

Can I download all the videos from the course?

The videos are only available in streaming video format, and are accessible only while the course is open.

What are the differences between free and paid courses?

Our free courses as simple introductions to meditation, and do not have a mentor who supports people throughout the course. The paid courses go into more depth and have a mentor assigned who is expert in the practices and will answer all questions, and provide private guidance if needed. The paid courses provide a variety of support materials not found in the free courses. We seek to provide the best possible support and resources in all of our paid courses for a satisfying and complete learning experience that results in mastery of the techniques being taught.

If you have any other questions please fill out the Contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you!
Mobile App for Ligmincha Learning

Ligmincha Learning supports the use of the free Moodle mobile app on both IOS and Android phones and tablet for accessing our online courses.

To download and use the app with our courses follow these steps:


Go to the Apple or Google store on your phone or tablet and search for the free “Moodle Mobile” app.



Download and install as you would any other app.


When you start the app for the first time it will ask for your Moodle site. Enter this URL:


Enter your user ID and password just as you would when logging into the course website.


You will then see a listing of all your enrolled courses. That’s all there is to get started.

The mobile app can download the site content so you can access all the text offline, though you must be connected to stream the videos. Site navigation is the same structure you find on the web site, though optimized for the app. You can read and post to the discussion forums from the app and do anything you can do on the web site. The app should operate in the default language of your phone or tablet, though the content will be same as on the web.

Note: The Moodle Android app is not compatible with the Kindle Fire series of tablets. Amazon modified Android so that many standard Android apps will not work on the Kindle Fire series.

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